lauantaina, toukokuuta 28, 2005

Totuuden kertominen

Päivän sitaatti

Minulla ei ole mitään totuuden kertomista vastaan, kunhan kukaan ei kuule sitä.
- Roy Jacobsen: Rajat

Totuus vihreästä huoneesta

Komsomolskaya Pravda haastatteli presidentti Putinia. Keskustelu sivusi Georgian tilannetta ja muuta vakavaa, mutta sitten haastattelija toi julki erityisen huolenaiheensa:

"Vladimir Vladimirovich, I have a serious question. I want to ask about aliens. Ever since we have had presidents in this country, there's been a legend that every time a new head of state is elected, he is told a terrifying secret, that aliens visit the Earth. It's said that U.S. presidents are taken to a special green room, where the frozen bodies of aliens are kept to show him that we are not the only life form in the universe. Has anyone ever told you such secrets?"

"Hm, a green room? I see. I want to point out that I do not consume strong drinks. When I was in the United States, the U.S. president did not show me any green rooms. They say that he stopped drinking a long time ago. I assure you, no one has told me such secrets - there is no such topic on the presidential level."


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