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So, when the aliens walked out of the trees across the rutted road and asked her what her personal label was, her first thought was that she'd stepped into the middle of TV movie set. She looked around for cameras. Then she thought, no, she'd seen ET arrivals done better, far more believably, and certainly with better actors playing the abductee than herself, so it was a joke. A moment's consideration of the creatures before her, however, told her they couldn't be humans in costume. Entirely the wrong shape and the wrong size.
Her final reaction was that she'd wanted to get away from home, sure, but an alien abduction was ridiculous.
- Sheri Tepper: The Fresco

Tihkusateisena päivänä nautin Sheri Tepperin muunnelmasta aiheesta "muukalaiset valloittavat Maan ja panevat asiat kohdalleen". Maan ihmiset puolestaan joutuvat panemaan muukalaisten uskonnollisen perimätiedon uusiksi ennen kuin tuho tulee kaikille. Nautittavaa.