torstaina, maaliskuuta 30, 2006

Päivän sitaatti

Kun Irak hyökkäsi Kuwaitiin, saudilehti Saudi Gazette neuvoi lukijoitaan kaasuhyökkäyksen varalta:

"If you are outside your home and in the open, you cannot do anything except to accept your destiny," the article announced. If you were at home, on the other hand, "look out your windows for birds dropping from the trees, cats, dogs and people dropping and choking, cars crashing and general panic which are all signs of a gas attack. When you see such things happen, barricade doors and windows and let nobody in or out of the house." Other helpful hints included the advice to "dress yourslf to the hilt in long sleeves, socks and hat... cover your entire head with the wet towel or blanket... get into the shower and stay there."
- Robert Fisk: The Great War for Civilisation